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8 Epic Halloween Costume Ideas For Your Dogs!

Halloween is right around the corner, so it only makes sense we dress up our dogs for the occasion. Why not have a little fun while we’re at it?

1. Two Thieves Carrying a Chest

After those dogs, lads – they’re scurrying away from the scene of the crime with their stolen goods!

2. Walrus

Who would ever expect a giant, bumbling walrus to show up on your front doorstep?

3. Madonna with Cone Bra

Have some callbacks to the 1990s when Madonna performed with her infamous cone bras – now recreated on your dog!

4. Angry Santa’s Elf

It’s just far too early for Christmas! There’s still Thanksgiving to go through. Why are you summoning us so early into the year?!

5. The Incredible Hulk

The Hulk is someone that is always supposed to be angry – except when it’s you sweet, tiny dog!

6. Burrito

It’s cold these days, so why not wrap your dog up like a burrito?

7. Bush

The ultimate Halloween costume – just have your dog turn into a mysterious walking bush. What is it hiding? No one knows.

8. Packet of Fries

Kaitlyn Cotter

Do you have a cone at home? All you need is papers and creativity to create the perfect portable Halloween costume.

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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