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8 Natural Ways To Help Your Dogs Deal With Kennel Cough

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Kennel cough is unpleasant and annoying for many dogs. Luckily, there are some remedies you can provide at home that will help reduce its severity.

Here are 8 home remedies for kennel cough:

Coconut Oil

Mix a tablespoon of this oil into your dog’s food (or feed it directly to them) to kill all sorts of bad microorganisms. Some people use it even when a dog is healthy!


Hydration is crucial for any kind of healing. Make sure your dog drinks often while recovering. If they don’t want to drink, feed them with a dropper, add broth to the water bowl, or give them some ice cubes.


Ill dogs aged two years old and up can ingest a teaspoon of raw honey daily in order to reduce flu-like symptoms and inflammation. Honey also fights bad bacteria and viruses.

Steam Treatments

Bring your dog into the bathroom while you shower so the steam helps clear their system.


Half a teaspoon sprinkled on your dog’s food only when they are sick can provide antiviral properties.


A humidifier provides moisture to the air, allowing for a less dry cough and preventing dry noses and eyes.


Make sure you limit your dog’s activity. Bring them to a quiet place in the house where no humans or animals will disturb them.

Essential Oils

These can be sprayed around the area where your dog rests, or placed in a diffuser nearby. Do not apply essential oils directly to anyone’s skin.

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