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8 Simple Ways To Treat Your Dogs During Weekends!

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Looking for a relaxing weekend, but still want to make your dog happy? Here’s how!

  1. Take Them Out To Enjoy Nature. Bring your dog on a new and exciting walking route for them to explore, or just bring them to a park or dog park!
  2. Add Something Special To Meals. Add some healthy treat add-ins, like broccoli, pumpkin, or carrots, to your dog’s food.
  3. Give Them A Message. Learn the right way to massage a dog from tutorials, articles, or a class, and give your dog one!
  4. Take A Nap. Cuddle in bed with your dog for a nice, relaxing nap. You can also curl up in front of the TV for a similar effect!
  5. Play Games. Play fetch or other activities that your dog knows and loves.
  6. Bring Them To A Pet Shop. Take your dog to a local pet store and let them choose a new toy, new outfit, or even new treats.
  7. Teach Them New Tricks. Have your dog learn something new. It can be anything from a simple trick like “roll over”, a command you’ve been meaning to teach like “stay”, or even an elaborate trick like turning on the lights.
  8. Try A New Game. There are plenty of dog-friendly games out there, like find-the-toy, hide-and-seek, and more. You can also give them a puzzle toy to solve.

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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