A Day In The Lives Of These Sisters Is Going To Make You Smile! - A Dog's Love

A Day In The Lives Of These Sisters Is Going To Make You Smile!

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What do you do on an ordinary day? We all have schedules of some kind to follow, even if it is one that is mainly dictated by our stomachs! Often we have work to do, things to handle, and relationships to manage.

And even though pups don’t exactly have much to do, studies have shown that they do like having regular schedules too!

These Dachshund sisters named Ruthy and Stella have a nighttime routine that is pretty set in stone. First, Stella the puppy joins her big sister at dinner, where the two of them will chomp down their meal. After that, it is time to spend some time with Mom and Dad via some playtime!

And when their parents are done playing with them, then it is time for the sisters to unleash all of that remaining energy onto each other! The two of them will play in bed, rolling this way and that. Once they are done, then it is finally time to head to bed!

Feature Image Source: Ruthy and Stella The dachshunds

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