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Adorable And Smart Pup Figures Out A Way To Calm Himself During Fireworks!

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Kimbo the golden retriever pup is adventurous, fun-loving, and smart. He’s lived in New York City from the day he was born, and he’s no stranger to exploring new places, going on road trips, swimming in special pup pools, and visiting all the parks he and his Dad Marco can find.

But recently, he and his Dad moved homes, and that’s when he discovered something that he was afraid of after all. In their new Brooklyn location, neighbors and others living nearby can be very patriotic – and that becomes apparent when the 4th of July rolls around. Fireworks go off everywhere, and many pups aren’t too fond of them. Kimbo is one of them.

Marco Cattaneo

Kimbo had never been significantly nervous in his whole life, but when the fireworks went off, he found himself anxious and confused. To help him out, his Dad invited some friends over for a small Independence Day dinner, as he didn’t want to go out and leave Kimbo alone at home to suffer the fear in isolation.

Marco Cattaneo

It was tricky for Kimbo in the beginning, and he would bark in fear until his Dad left the grilling vegetables outside to come and comfort him. The party was ready to accept the fact that the pup would likely continue to need aid for the rest of the night, but then, he fell quiet.

Roberto Palomba

Curious, everyone went into the house to look for Kimbo and make sure he was okay, and what they found was truly adorable. One of Marco’s friends’ four-year-old daughters had noticed Kimbo’s plight. She had taken it upon herself to help him get through the night.

Roberto Palomba

He had been hiding out in the bathtub, and she brought all his toys along and surrounded him with them. He was finally able to relax, feeling safe and comforted by his toys.

Sarah Schweig

As the fireworks slowly died down, the pup laid his head down and went to sleep – and after that, he was all happy and excited again!

Feature Image Source: Marco Cattaneo

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