Adorable Dog Comes Across A Box Of Donuts, Fights Hard Not To Eat Them, But Fails! - A Dog's Love

Adorable Dog Comes Across A Box Of Donuts, Fights Hard Not To Eat Them, But Fails!

Nothing quite gets our mouths watering as much as our favorite foods! For some of us, it is that big juicy burger dripping with sauce, for others of us it might be a soft and creamy piece of cake.

We do not always need to see the food to feel this way, sometimes a simple picture or thought is enough. Well, just as this happens to us, it can happen to our canine companions! A big fluffy four-legged friend living in Los Angeles experiences this when he sees anything resembling his favorite food. And believe it or not, his favorite food is the glorious donut!

This fluffy friend, Bear, and dog mom, Candice, are well aware of his obsession. Bear has such a love for donuts that when his mom gave him a donut toy, his mouth started watering when he saw it! The same thing happened when she showed Bear a box of fake donuts. Candice even put a camera at the bottom of the box, and his face was priceless when he could no longer fight his temptation. This mom uploaded the video to her social media accounts and the video gained much popularity (needless to say!).

Unfortunately, Bear does not understand that donuts are not an option in a doggy diet, but Candice continues to spoil him with homemade doggy peanut butter treats. Imagine if our canine companions could eat what they wanted to! I think it is safe to say that Bear would look, well, like a bear!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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