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Adorable Dog Walks Into Police Station And Reports Himself Missing!

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We have all heard of people filing missing person’s reports when their friends or family are nowhere to be found, but would you ever expect a dog to go to a police station to do this? Probably not!

On one quiet morning in Texas, an unexpected guest called Chico walked through the doors. But Chicago did not walk in on two feet, but instead this guest trotted in on four paws. Officers at the police station were baffled at what he was doing! Was he there to report himself missing?

Or perhaps he came in to apply for a position on the K-9 unit. Regardless, Chico provided a day of entertainment for officers, playing fetch with them in the halls with an air of excitement. As the day went by, the officers knew that Chico had rightful owners and decided to have his chip scanned to return him to his home, as it was the right thing to do.

With the owner tracked down and living just a mile away from the station, Chico went back home the next day, leaving the heart of the police department sad to see him go, but grateful for the time they got to spend with him!

Dogs certainly do weird and wonderful things that entertain us, and we can appreciate them for the affectionate companions they are. Even when they make us furious and misbehave, their absurd antics melt all the bad away and they know they will always be there to stay!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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