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Adorable Pup Creates His Own Peephole To Keep An Eye On His Friends!

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Friendships often form between neighbors – but few would have expected they would be formed like this!

When Melody Eby and her family moved to South Bend, Indiana, their yard was separated from their neighbor’s by a chain link fence. As a result, the neighbor pups often spent their time watching Melody’s two dogs playing. Eventually, though, she and her husband put up a white wooden fence, sadly waving goodbye to the days of watching – or so they thought!

Unbeknownst to them, the pups next door had been slowly digging a hole under the fence and peeking through so they could keep watching. It certainly gave Melody a shock when she went out to play with her pups and found eyes staring back at her!

As time went on, the hole grew bigger, and now the neighboring dogs are able to fit their whole heads through the fence. Melody’s own dogs have begun to expect their next door friends, and often wait for one of the pups’ heads to appear through the underside of the fence every day. The next door pups even lend Melody’s dogs some of their toys sometimes!

Melody doesn’t know her neighbor too well because that neighbor works at night, but she wonders what will happen when the hole is finally big enough for all of the dogs to come through to this side. She imagines it will be a big puppy party!

Images & Feature Image Source: Melody Eby

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