This Adorable Pup Has Decided To Chase Falling Leaves For A Change!

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One of the best times of year has finally arrived – Fall! Pumpkins are everywhere, we can smell the holidays coming, and the temperatures are falling!

Not only are the temperatures falling, but the leaves are changing color and falling too! They fall all over the place, and those of us with yards spend a lot of time cleaning them off the yard! In this video, Charlie, the beagle, is playing in the fallen leaves for the first time in his life. It looks like a brisk fall day.

The wind is blowing the leaves around, and Charlie is chasing them! He also runs in happy circles and ‘attacks’ the camera! Every now and then, Charlie picks up a leaf to toss it up or just run around with it in his mouth! There is nothing like watching a dog enjoy life! Grab a cup of cocoa (or a pumpkin flavored coffee beverage!) and enjoy!

Feature Image Source: Charlie the Dog and Baby

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