Adorable Pup Gets A New Toy, But At First He Wasn't Too Crazy About It! - A Dog's Love

Adorable Pup Gets A New Toy, But At First He Wasn’t Too Crazy About It!

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For pups, toys are amazing. And new ones are always interesting to check out! But where is the fun in playing with one, if you have no one else to play with? Even the most boring toy can be made fun if you are using it to play with someone you love!

This Golden Retriever named Gatsby has gotten a cool new thing – a brand new toy! Initially, he isn’t too crazy about it. He is certainly very interested, but it isn’t quite enough to break him from his sitting position on the floor, where he is admiring it from a respectful position.

As soon as his human sister indicates she is going to use it to play with him, however, he is all in. Suddenly, that toy looks pretty interesting to him, and now he can’t help but chase it – and the little girl holding it – around the living room!

Feature Image Source: Gatsby and Me

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