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Adorable Pup Gets Put On A Diet And He’s Not Very Happy About It!

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Everyone’s a fan of a little chub on their pups. Unfortunately, extra weight isn’t healthy for our beloved pooches! (Unless you’ve been given told otherwise by your vet – every pup differs, after all!)

As much as it we love how much more huggable it makes our pups, all that fat is just as unhealthy for them as it is for us!

Labrador Retrievers are known for eating as much as they can get away with, which isn’t a great thing when you realize that they often pack on more than they can lose! Upon realizing just how dangerously unhealthy their beloved pup has become, these parents decide to attempt putting their pup on a diet.

That’s certainly a good idea for this pup’s sake, but it then begs the question – just how did he get to this point? The answer, evidently, lies in just how delicious the family’s roast is – and how he can’t stop pinching it!

Feature Image Source: Caters_News 

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