Adorable Pup Instantly Becomes Friends With A Tinier, Excited Pup!

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Introducing two dogs together can go really well or really badly. It depends on the temperament of the dogs and the location of the meeting.

Many dogs will become defensive if their mom or dad is around and may not be interested in meeting another dog. They may see the dog as a threat to mom and dad and be aggressive towards it. But, your dog probably would love to have a canine friend or two to play with – right?! Do not despair, some dogs just take a little time to get used to being around other dogs.

Chances are you just need to be patient, and your dog will relax. The French bulldog and Chocolate Labrador in this video have no trouble at all becoming fast friends! The bulldog puppy starts it off with a quick hello, and the chocolate lab says hello right back! Watch a new friendship come to life!

Feature Image Source: vanessadispena

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