Adorable Pup Meets Another Pup For The First Time, But Things Don't Seem So Friendly! - A Dog's Love

Adorable Pup Meets Another Pup For The First Time, But Things Don’t Seem So Friendly!

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Trying to introduce two new pups to each other for the first time can be a whole lot of fun, but it can also be a difficult one – especially if it’s in their own house. What if they don’t like each other? What if they consider this a breach of their territory and start snapping at each other?

This is certainly a worry that this parent had when they introduced this English Bulldog with a French Bulldog. The two of them are a little wary of each other, but otherwise are pretty okay with each other! Sure, they aren’t getting along with each other like the best of friends, but this could definitely have gone worse.

Perhaps it’s because they’re both nervous. The English Bulldog keeps pacing up and down like she’s unsure of what to do, and the French Bulldog would rather sit very quietly in her spot. Hopefully some familiarity will help these two in the future!

Feature Image Source: pinoykayaker

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