Adorable Pup Plays Dead So His Family Doesn't Leave The House! - A Dog's Love

Adorable Pup Plays Dead So His Family Doesn’t Leave The House!

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Most dogs dread seeing their Moms, Dads, or other family members leave the house without them. We’ve seen countless videos of how much those pups whine or cry when left alone, and it truly does break our hearts to see. But now, some smart dogs are coming up with ways to prevent their parents from every leaving!

Flash the beagle pup simply can’t stand being stuck at home alone when his parents aren’t around. He’s six years old, but still acts like a big baby whenever he spots Dad and Mom getting ready to leave. So what does he do? He collapses on the floor right in front of them and plays dead, hoping his acting will convince them to stay!

This silly pup’s display is almost touching, but it’s also so amusing to see him try and provide an Oscar-worthy performance to get his way. Don’t worry, Flash – your parents will be home again soon!

Feature Image Source: Caters Clips

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