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Adorable Pup Who Stopped Smiling Finally Cracks One After Realizing He’s Going Home!

5-year-old Jake the border collie pup stopped smiling the moment his elderly Dad surrendered him, saying he was no longer able to give Jake the care he needed. The pup didn’t understand this, and all of a sudden, he was in a hectic Corsicana, Texas shelter environment.

Shelter staff could see how depressed Jake was in his tiny kennel, so they decided to contact Rescue Dogs Rock NYC. They agreed to take him in – but first, he had to spend three more weeks cooped up in a veterinarian’s cage for medical observation.

When Jake did get to Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, staff there figured he’d find a home quickly – but surprisingly, no one was reaching out to adopt him. The shelter didn’t have a lot of space for him, so he wound up in another small cage.

The resident trainer was absolutely shocked. The pup looked stunning, had a fantastic temperament with dogs and people, and absolutely didn’t deserve to be cooped up like that.

The organization’s co-founder, Stacey Silverstein, worked tirelessly posting pictures of the majestic pup on social media. After countless posts, interested messages finally began to flow in from people looking to foster and adopt. It wasn’t long before the perfect family was found!

Jake was thrilled when he got into the car with his new family, and his smile finally returned. It was as though he knew that his wait was over! Now, the pup is loving his life with a big yard to run around in.

He has a fellow pup sibling who he plays with, and he has a forever loving family that will make sure he never ends up in a shelter again!

Images & Feature Image Source: Rescue Dogs Rock NYC

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