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Adorable Pup’s Day At The Pool Becomes His Most Embarrassing Moment Ever!

Embarrassing moments aren’t exactly times that we’d like to remember. The worst part is when someone just so happens to get a picture – or worse, a video – of the humiliating event in question. We cringe again and again when we’re reminded of it.

You may think that this is a uniquely human experience, but even pups can feel embarrassed! That’s definitely the case for Ludo, a pudgy little pug pup who had no idea that a particularly shameful moment would be captured on his family’s security camera – and he definitely didn’t think it’d go viral!

Ludo is a one-eyed pup who lives with the parents of Stiles Scott. They have a lovely pool outside and the pup was enjoying a nice lounge next to it, basking in the sun and relaxing. His nap was going very well and he was really enjoying all that relaxation.

After a while, the pup woke up happily. To get the sleep out of his muscles, he stretched his limbs – but he did so very groggily and carelessly! He accidentally slipped, losing his balance and plummeting right into the swimming pool!

Luckily, the pup is a decent swimmer and had no problem getting back to dry land. Not so luckily, his family found footage from the security camera of the incident and Scott couldn’t resist sharing it online! Since then, Ludo’s awkward debacle has earned more than 3 million views.

Why did he fall? Was it the sleepiness? The lack of depth perception that comes with only having one eye? Just pure clumsiness? We don’t know for sure, but we do know that we love him all the more for it!

Images & Feature Image Source: stilesAMscott / Twitter

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