Adorable Stray Pup Sees A Parade And Decides He Wants To Be Part Of It! - A Dog's Love

Adorable Stray Pup Sees A Parade And Decides He Wants To Be Part Of It!

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Did you know that weddings in Mexico are occasionally celebrated with parades in certain areas of the country? It’s part of tradition, and it’s a great way to really turn a new chapter of someone’s life into a huge, fun party!

Everyone was having fun as one of these parades began in the streets. Locals joined in the celebrations, spectators watched in awe, and dancers dressed to the nines performed as they trailed behind mojigangas (which are essentially a pair of huge puppets) that represented the newlywed bride and groom.

That’s when an unexpected spectator decided to join in and show everyone just what the meaning of true fun is! A playful pup ran right into the middle of the energetic, lively, and vibrant show. He looked around him, noticed the dancers and their cool moves, and begin to try and copy them by twirling around in his own doggy way.

Another spectator named Alan Gómez saw this hilarious and adorable impromptu performance occur, and he couldn’t resist taking a video of the adorable moment! He soon posted it online on social media, and before he knew it, people all around the world were laughing along and enjoying the sight of such a happy and spontaneous pup.

Sadly, this happy and excitable pup doesn’t have a family. He, like many other pups on the streets of Mexico, is a stray. But despite his difficult life, he hasn’t lost his love for living, his appreciation of the world, and the wonder with which he views new sights and sounds. If you’d like to help the strays living in Mexico, you can do so through Compassion Without Borders. Make a donation here.

Images & Feature Image Source: Alan Gómez/Facebook

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