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After Daycare Closes, These Two Dogs Join Their Dad Doing Fedex Deliveries!

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There is no denying that with the advent of Covid19, our lives have changed forever. Restrictions such as social-distancing and having to wear a mask, have forced us to rethink our everyday lives.

Almost every sphere of our lives has been affected, including our homes to our schools and workplaces. People have lost their jobs, and in some desperate cases, employers have been forced to close their businesses temporarily or permanently. One enterprising citizen, Daniel Nava, who works for a delivery company, found himself in the unenviable position of having nowhere to send his dogs as their daycare facility had been forced to close.

These cuties happen to be two little dachshunds named Chorizo and Cocoa. Appalled at the thought of leaving them unsupervised at home while he was at work, the enterprising Daniel came up with a plan.

He decided to take them with him to work and allow them to “help” with his deliveries. Fortunately, Daniel’s boss was not against the idea as he realized that as a result of Covid19, circumstances are far from normal.

The two dogs took to their new “profession” with glee and have become a popular feature of Daniel’s deliveries. They love being constantly on the go, and even more so, being with their beloved dad.

Daniel’s plan was so successful that he decided to make them branded clothing and now they look like real employees! If people use their initiative as Daniel did, then perhaps we can lessen the blow of Covid19 and let the human spirit triumph!

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