After Going Missing On A Trip To Knoxville, This Pup Has Finally Been Reunited With His Family

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When semi-truck driver and military veteran Anthony Hardin’s one-year-old English bulldog Bruce went missing on the 21st of February after he broke away from his leash and collar, he was heartbroken.

Bruce was reportedly spotted in the Skyline Drive area. Searchers helped to place a pet carrier in the wooded spot there where they thought Bruce might be. They placed a selection of Hardin’s clothing inside the carrier so that Bruce would be attracted to the spot, and they began leaving food for him so that he would regularly return to that area.

One morning, the hard work finally paid off. Accompanied by his wife and sons and with the tips and help of Lovy Myers and Anna Geddes – who were both knowledgeable on retrieving frightened animals – Hardin arrived at the spot Bruce had been huddled in. The aforementioned experts had been the ones to create a safe haven for Bruce to come back to.

Bruce was terrified and shaking, barely able to recognize his family. Hardin wore a shirt that had a his heavy scent on it and presented him with a plate of chicken. Finally, he was able to get close enough to slip a lead around him. Exhausted, Hardin lay down on the ground – and Bruce finally recognized his Dad and went to lay down with him. All’s well that ends well!

Images & Feature Image Source: Anthony Hardin

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