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After Successful Surgery Dog Born With Cleft Lip And Cleft Palate Is Happier And Healthier

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For those of us not familiar with the medical condition “cleft palate”, it is difficult to understand the challenges that come with it. Cleft palate is a malformation of the palate in the mouth, where the cavity between lip and palate does not close properly.

Most babies born with this condition undergo immediate surgery, as they are unable to nurse off their mothers properly and can become malnourished. Just as we see human babies being born with a cleft palate, our four-legged friends can also suffer this condition. There is a special story about a dog who has overcome the challenges with living with it, this is one good boy named Felix.

At only eleven days old, Felix’s rescuer (now parent) was called to come help this good boy while he was deteriorating in his health. He had even developed pneumonia because he was unable to drink and breathe properly, so some milk had made its way into his lungs.

He had to have emergency surgery and there was doubt whether he would survive the next 24 hours or not. Thankfully, he made it and during a later corrective surgery, his cleft palate was repaired too. Felix is now eight months old and thriving! He does, however, suffer from other conditions. One being digestive problems and the other is a neurological tic due to his skull shifting.

This remarkable boy has overcome a myriad of conditions and continues to take life on will zest. He is a ball of energy and can now enjoy playing in water too!

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