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As Soon As The Car Radio Starts Playing, This Adorable Pup Can’t Contain Himself!

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There’s a reason we all love having a radio in the car. Even if you aren’t a fan of whatever song that is popular on the airwaves at the moment, you can’t deny how lovely it is to enjoy some tunes while you’re cruising down the highway. And it seems that this pup feels the same way too!

This German Shepherd pup is accompanying his family for a road trip on this beautiful, sunny day. It’s a pretty idyllic scene, one that screams road trip through and through. And what road trip is complete without singing along to some song that comes up on the car radio?

As soon as his favorite song starts playing, this pup can’t help himself – he starts howling along to the tunes the best he can! We think he’s doing a very good job at singing all these notes, and we would like to applaud him for his effort!

Feature Image Source: BuzzVideos 

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