Aww! This Adorable Pup Has Just Woken Up At The Vet And He's A Little Disoriented - A Dog's Love

Aww! This Adorable Pup Has Just Woken Up At The Vet And He’s A Little Disoriented

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Going under anaesthesia is certainly not a pleasant sensation, but it is a far better experience than undergoing surgery without it! This is especially so when it comes to pups – not just for the comfort of the pup, but it is also much easier to handle a pup when they aren’t actively fighting back!

Waking up from anaesthesia can be a pretty disorienting experience, however. Which is why this parent is sitting down with their beloved German Shepherd pup, Hunter. Going to the vet is always a stressful event for just about any pup, so it is a good thing that their parent is with them.

When this pup comes to, he finds himself lying on a towel on the floor. It is quiet here, which is a good thing – the last thing you need when you are disoriented and scared is loud noises! Hopefully this pup will recover soon, and then be back to his happy self!

Feature Image Source: Hunter GSD

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