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Before Letting Your Dog Use A Swimming Pool, Here Are 3 Things To Keep In Mind

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Bringing your pup to a pool, whether for a party in someone’s home or a public facility? There are some hidden dangers lurking around that you may not be prepared for. Here’s what you need to know.


The pool itself is nice and cool, but the bricks and concrete usually used around pools can get hot pretty quickly. These surfaces can hit a shocking 135 °F in temperature, burning your pup’s paws.

Toys and Surfaces

Just like with the ground around a swimming pool, plastic, metal, and similar toys – as well as other surfaces made from concrete, brick, or asphalt, can all pose a hazard to your pup. Some may reach temperatures of 140 °F, which will cause burns and injuries to unsuspecting pups who pick them up or touch them.


Lots of swimming pool parties involve a barbecue or similar food-related event. Trash bins and unattended plates of leftovers and trays of food can be easy pickings for a dog – but many human foods are dangerous to them. Pay attention to:

  • Nearby trash bins which may have loose lids a dog can easily open and rummage through
  • Food that’s lying around and left out
  • Desserts that contain chocolate, sugar, or artificial sweeteners
  • Fruit salads that have seeds within many of the fruits, or have toxic fruits in them
  • Chips and dips which have lots of salt and toxic materials in their dips

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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