10 Easy Ways To Help Calm A Stressed Or Anxious Dog

10 Easy Ways To Help Calm A Stressed Or Anxious Dog

Is your dog anxious all the time? Do they get stressed out easily?

Here are 10 ways to calm them down:

Identify The Root

All problems have an underlying cause. Find out what’s causing the anxiety, fear, or stress for your dog.

Pet Them

Shower your pup with love and affection in the ways they like best. Use slight pressure and be gentle.

Ask A Vet

Your vet may be able to tell you how to calm your pup or figure out if an underlying issue is to blame.

Minimize The Root

Know what’s causing your dog to be worked up? Minimize their exposure to it as much as you can.

Use An Anxiety Vest

Invest in a good one for your pup to wear when stressed.


A dog who has too much anxious energy may need to burn it off with exercise.

Understand Body Language

Learn to tell from the beginning if your dog is exhibiting stressed body language so you can stop it before it gets too bad.

Classical Music

These calming sounds can help soothe a pup who likes music.


Use toys, promises of a walk, treats, or affection to distract a dog from anxiety.

Pheromone Diffusers

These products release pheromones that can help to calm a dog down.

So now you know what you need to do if you have an overly anxious dog on your hands, or laps, for that matter!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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