4 Health Benefits Of Bringing Home A Pup That'll Make Your Life Better!

4 Health Benefits Of Bringing Home A Pup That'll Make Your Life Better!

Taking in a pup doesn’t just mean their lives and health will be improved – it means yours will be, too. That’s right!

According to Zoetis – a pet medicine production company – and the Human Animal Bond Research Institute, there are countless health benefits to owning a pup, some which you might not even expect!

1. Depression

Those who have pets in their home have a much less likely chance of facing depression or experiencing loneliness as they age.

2. Heart conditions

If you’re a pup parent, you likely take your pup out for walks regularly, and that helps you get more physical activity. It’s also been proven that dog parents experience lower blood pressure than the average person, and if you have a cat too, then you’re 60% less likely to have a heart attack!

3. Obesity

All the activity you have to do to keep up with your pup has great benefits for the waistline and your overall fitness. Those who walk pups are 69% more likely to have a long-term program to keep their physical fitness going.


Having pets has been proven to lower symptoms of post-traumatic stress syndrome in service men and women, and pups lower the levels of anxiety that they experience.

5. Endless benefits to children!

Kids who grow up with pups tend to face less allergies and eczema, and those who have autism may display a better level of social skills and feel less alone.

So if you weren’t convinced to get a pup before, you certainly will be now! Don’t forget to like and share!

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