4 Reasons Why Your Pup Follows You Everywhere That You Won't Believe!

4 Reasons Why Your Pup Follows You Everywhere That You Won't Believe!

Do you ever notice that your pup follows you around everywhere? You stand, they stand. You go to the kitchen, they follow.

You sit back down, and they lie down near you. And your pup likely watches you all the time, too! So why does this happen? Here are just a few reasons.

1. Pups are group-based animals

Wild dogs live in cooperative packs that are like families, and that instinct has stayed with domesticated pups, too. To a pup, you and your family are their pack, and they feel safer and calmer when they’re around you. Being away from a pack can make a pup feel vulnerable.

2. They assume guard duty

A pup may assume that when you get up and move around, you’re actually patrolling the area to make sure that the house and its resources are safe. Your pup may then decide to join you in defending your home.

3. They’re just curious

Movement is sure to attract a pup, as many dogs have inquisitive qualities and always want to know what’s going on. He might think you’re searching for food or will share something yummy with him if you get a snack from the kitchen. Whatever the real reason is, a pup can’t miss the opportunity!

4. They love you!

Yes, there are plenty of scientific and biological reasons for a pup to follow you around. But research has proven that pups simply feel happiest around their parents. So feel flattered and give your pup a pet every now and then!

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