4 Ways To Use Music To Either Calm Or Energize Your Pup!

4 Ways To Use Music To Either Calm Or Energize Your Pup!

Music is magical. It can evoke emotions, cheer you up, and calm you down? But does this work on pups? Studies have suggested that it does!

However, it has to be the right kind of music, and you have to understand that your pup will not experience music the same way you do. Here are five tips for finding the right music for your dogs!

1. Go for soothing and relaxed

Classical music can work really well for calming a pup down. Instrumental music is also a great choice. Vocals can be stressful to some pup, as some can sound like shouting. You can also try for very relaxed vocals in the music and see how they react. Even if you’re trying to get your pup going for exercise, keep in mind that pups have much sharper hearing than pups, so loud noises and heavy bases can just be stressful. Generally, metal, rock, and hip-hop don’t evoke the best responses.

2. But don’t be afraid to try some beats!

If the basics aren’t cutting it, or if you are aiming to get your pup moving instead of calm, then definitely try experimenting! Studies have suggested that pups can respond to different beats, pitches, frequencies, and volumes. Learn which ones calm your pup down and which ones get them pumped for a walk, but be sure to stop if your pup seems distressed by the music.

3. Leave out realistic sounds

Nature sounds might seem like a standard go-to, but they can actually stress pups out even more. Leave those for your pup’s ears to experience naturally on walks and hikes!

4. Go for what you like

Your pup is likely to respond positively to things that make you happy. So once in a while, feel free to unplug your headphones and let your pup listen to the songs you like, especially when they’re making you feel great, too! If your pup seems to like them, then hey, that’s one thing more that you can share!

Music can be great for pups! Some shelters have even begun to use them to calm pups down in the loud and chaotic environment they are in. So bust out some tunes and have fun, and don’t be surprised if your pup starts singing along! Like and share away, people!

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