4th Of July Safety Tips For Your Pups That You Need To Keep In Mind

4th Of July Safety Tips For Your Pups That You Need To Keep In Mind

The 4th of July is a celebration and holiday many look forward to! But for pup parents, there are other issues involved.

Fireworks and loud noises can terrify many animals, and more pets are go missing on this date than any other time of year – and shelters see a 30% increase in lost pets during this time. To prevent this issue from happening, here are some things to do before the event to prepare your pups and keep them safe.

1. Identification

Get your pup microchipped so you can be easily located if your pup goes missing. Make sure your pup has an ID tag with your current contact information securely attached to their collar.

2. Appearance

Make sure to have an up-to-date and good quality photo of your pup, especially noting down distinct characteristics that they have.

3. Safety

Check your backyard and fences to ensure that there are no holes or weaknesses that a pup can escape through. A frightened pup will do anything they can to escape danger.

So what about on the day of the celebrations itself? There are things you can do then to keep your pup safe as well:

1. Parties and events

Do not bring your pup along with you to barbeque parties, parades, or fireworks shows – basically anywhere that there might be firecrackers of any kind. It is safer to leave your pup at home if you are going out.

2. Company

If you are leaving your pup at home, crate trained pups might feel safer being placed into a crate. You can also leave the television on, or have some relaxing, soft music that your pup enjoys playing in the background.

3. Safety

In general, you should do your best to keep your pup indoors for the day. Even the most relaxed and obedient pups can go crazy at the sound of fireworks, and that fear can drive them to break free of restraints and even jump fences. If you have guests coming over, make sure they know to leave windows and doors closed and not let your pet out.

4. Heat

July is a pretty hot month. Make sure all pups have fresh water and access to shade, and never leave your pup in a car.

If your pup does escape during the festivities, stay calm and do not panic. Your pup may very well find their way back home afterwards, and someone who finds them will likely note the ID tag and contact you. You can also go to your local shelter after the fact to see if they have picked up your pup. Like and share away!

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