5 Reasons Why Your Pup Hides Whenever You Try To Leash Him

5 Reasons Why Your Pup Hides Whenever You Try To Leash Him

Have you ever picked up your pup’s collar and leash – or either – and found your pup immediately taking off running?

You call them to you and try to coax them with treats, but even that barely moves them at all. Why does this happen? Why can a pup be so scared of a leash? Luckily, it’s not an uncommon problem. Here are ? reasons your pup is running from their leash!

1. Medical conditions

If your pup used to love getting his collar on and the activities that follow, but now refuses, it could be a sign of a medical condition. Perhaps walks have become painful due to arthritis, or something is causing a collar to be too uncomfortable. Talk to a vet to find out!

2. Fear

A pup who tends to be afraid of new places, or experiences anxiety when they are outside of home, might be frightened of leaving the house. They might also be afraid of being in cars, around other dogs or the strangers, or going to the groomer or vet. If they have learned to associate the leash with somewhere they don’t like, they’ll be afraid of it!

3. Trauma

A pup who hates the vet and has always been taken there with their leash attached will learn to run when he sees it to escape what they consider a traumatic event. This is also true if your pup has been tangled due to their leash, gotten pulled too hard with it, or become trapped as it stuck on an object. It can just take one bad experience to ruin it for your pup!

4. Tactile sensitivity

A pup who hates being touched and isn’t fond of being handled, even if it’s for cuddles or pets, might simply dislike the process of the collar and leash being fitted on, or may hate the feeling of wearing them. But they still love going outside, so you can teach them to associate the collar and leash with fun activities!

5. Fun

If you usually chase your pup when they run from the leash, they may have decided that it’s a fun game of chase. To undo this behavior, a lot of training is required!

There are many reasons a pup could be running from their leash, but proper training and lots of encouragement can help to fix that. Talk to a vet or dog trainer if you need more help! Do like and share!

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