5 Reasons Why Your Vet Is Happy Your Dog Destroys His Toys! (Part 2)

After reading the title, you must have thought I’ve lost my mind, but trust me, I haven’t. Let me tell you a bit about my dog. Every time I buy him a toy, within a couple of days it’d be in shreds.

Either the toy’s limbs would be missing, or the head would be gone, or it would be completely unrecognizable. So I asked my vet what I could do to make the toys last, and he told me that he was actually happy that my dog was destroying his toys! I was confused, but he clarified. Here’s Part 1, in case you missed it.

1. Increases upper body strength

Did you know that when dogs are thrashing their toys around in an attempt to rip them apart, they’re actually exercising their upper body? Chewing and destroying their toys actually helps build their upper body strength so their muscles stay nice and strong! Sadly, this doesn’t work for humans.

2. Satisfies their prey drive

Dogs in the wild don’t get served their food in bowls, they hunt for it. No matter how much we train our dogs, their natural instinct to hunt will always remain untouched. When they’re destroying their toys, they’re pretending to be in the wild trying to capture their meal. This might sound strange and pretty violent from your otherwise cute and cuddly dog, but let’s not forget that they will always remain descendants of wolves.

Do your dogs destroy their toys? What’s the latest toy they have destroyed? Let us know in the comments!

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Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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