5 Reasons Your Dogs Love To Steal Your Laundry!

5 Reasons Your Dogs Love To Steal Your Laundry!

Does your dog like to make off with your socks or nick your shirts from hangers? Here are 5 reasons they may do so!

It Smells Like You

Things that smell like you, no matter how stinky, are things your dog will automatically love. These familiar scents can be comforting to them, especially when they have to be left alone.


A lack of mental and physical stimulation can lead to a dog’s need to steal things and act out. Make sure your dog has plenty of their own toys and daily exercise to prevent this type of misbehavior!


Sure, clothes aren’t the best items for chewing, but some dogs love the act of chewing so much that they’ll do it on just about anything!


Sometimes, it’s as simple as the softness of laundry. There are some textures that naturally appeal to dogs, and they feel nice to snuggle up to. It may also be a way for your dogs to get warm. Consider buying them some nice blankets, or even gifting them an old shirt of yours!

Scavenger Instincts

Dogs have been great thieves since ancient times. Even their domestication hasn’t bred out their instincts to scavenge for survival. They’re always on the lookout for a free something-or-other, whether it’s food, something warm, or even just something fun!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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