5 Things Your Dog May Do To Let You Know He Needs Help

5 Things Your Dog May Do To Let You Know He Needs Help

Pups do the silliest things! But did you know that some of those famously funny behaviors may actually be a cry for help? Here are five seemingly cute things a pup does that could indicate a deeper problem.

1. Scooting

It’s pretty funny to see a pup scooting his butt on the ground, but the fact is that if it’s something your pup does often, it’s not normal – especially if it’s accompanied by frequent grooming of the perianal area. It could be a sign of infection of the glands on your pup’s butt. Find out more about those glands here, and learn more about your pup’s rear here!

2. Kicking

Have you ever noticed that when you scratch or pet certain parts of their body, they start to move their hind foot as though they’re scratching, too? This could be a sign of excessive itching, especially if you’ve also noticed that your pup has been scratching himself a lot in his spare time. This could be a sign of parasites or fleas. Check out this list of links here for more information on dealing with ticks, fleas, and other itch-inducing parasites.

3. Face rubbing

Unlike for cats, it isn’t normal for pups to always rub their faces on their Mommies or Daddies. We may often mistake it as a sign of affection, but pups who do so may actually be facing irritation or itchiness on his face and is using his parents to ease it. It could be due to eye or ear irritation, or because something is stuck in a pup’s teeth or mouth. This goes for a pup rubbing his face anywhere else, too.

4. Tail chasing

No one can deny how fun it is to watch a pup chase his tail, but sadly this could be an indication of a health issue. Spinal abnormalities, dermatological problems, and even pain can cause a pup to chase his tail. Some even believe that this could also be a sign of the dog form of OCD, which you can read about here.

5. Bowing

Pups sometimes bow to play, with their butts up in the air, or as a sign of excitement. But if your pup starts bowing when he’s supposedly resting and not playing, it could be a sign of abdominal pain, which in turn is a symptom of pancreatitis. This is especially true if your pup exhibits lack of appetite or starts vomiting.

Any and all of these behaviors are a cause for concern and warrant an immediate visit to the vet. Do like and share this information so other pup parents can be informed, too!

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