5 Ways To Persuade Your Boss To Allow Your Pup At Work!

5 Ways To Persuade Your Boss To Allow Your Pup At Work!

If you’re a working pup mommy or daddy, you may wonder what your fur ball gets up to while you’re away at your job. Maybe you even worry about them or miss them a lot.

It’s likely that the thought of being allowed to bring your pup along to the office has crossed your mind once or twice. Why not try to make that dream a reality? Here are some ways that you can get a “pups at work” program going and convince your employer that it’s a good idea.

1. Is The Office Pup-friendly?

Can your workspace handle fur balls? Are there areas outside where pups can be walked? Which areas should be kept free of pups? Are there places where you’ll need to add equipment, like water bowls or waste disposals? Be practical. The pups need to be comfortable, too!

2. Ask Your Colleagues

Maybe you aren’t alone, and some other employees would love to have this sort of arrangement to. Find out how many of your co-workers are into this idea, how many of them disagree with it, and how many of them are neutral. If a majority of them are interested, you might find it easier to kick the program into gear. Take into account the worries of those who don’t like the idea, and be ready to answer concerned questions.

3. Volunteer to Be in Charge

It’s understandable for employers and management to be concerned about the legal implications of allowing pets in an office environment. To counterbalance their fears, volunteer to set up a committee that will create and enforce rules and regulations to ensure the safety of employees and the company. This means you will run the program and respond to complaints, freeing the management of this responsibility.

4. Focus on the Benefits

When you pitch this idea to the company, talk about how having pups around can help the company. A fur ball presence can help build positive work relationships, improve socialization, boost employee morale and health, and increase productivity. Talk about how a pet-friendly reputation may boost the company’s reputation.

5. Request a Trial Period

Everyone will need to be able to adjust to the changes this program will bring, including you! Request for a small start by asking for a trial run of a week or two. This allows employees to get a feel of the shift in office environment and also allows the management to see that the program’s benefits. Plus, the pups will be able to get used to the new place, too!

Well, now you know what to do – go on and try to get fur balls in the workplace! Don’t forget to like and share!

Feature Image Source: Meredith Lee/The HSUS

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