6 Adorable Signs That Your Dog Is Head Over Heels In Love With You!

6 Adorable Signs That Your Dog Is Head Over Heels In Love With You!

How many of us absolutely love our dogs? All of us! Come on, is that even a question?! True! We all love our dogs, but how do we know that they love us too?

While so many research has us convinced that our dogs love us unconditionally, here are 6 signs your dog displays when they’re head over heels in love with you!

1. They make eye contact

When you’re really paying attention to someone what’s the first thing you do? Make eye-contact! And as a human, we make eye-contact with people we love, and the same goes with dogs! When they’re with their favorite humans, they make eye-contact, reassuring their humans that they’re listening, that they’re relaxed, they’re happy and at peace with you!

2. When they hear you, they react positively!

Don’t you just love it that when you return home, your dog is the first one to greet you? Yes, when a dog loves his human so much, they leave everything aside to greet them before anyone else does!

3. They love the way you naturally smell!

Your dog’s senses literally light up when they smell you! Don’t believe me? Neuroscientist Gregory Berns has proved it in one of his research.

4. They wag their tail!

We know that when a dog is around people he/she loves, they just can’t stop wagging their tails! Apparently, when your dog wags his tail strongly to the right side of his body he’s telling you just how much he loves you! Aww!!

5. They enjoy snuggling with you!

Everyone knows that snuggling is a sign of love, but of all the places your dogs could curl up, if they choose to cuddle with you it means that they love you unconditionally!

6. They can’t stop smiling at you!

Yes, a dog can smile! When their mouths are wide open and relaxed, they’re smiling, letting you know that they love you for eternity!

How does your dog show you that he loves you? Let us know in the comments!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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