6 Health Conditions That Affect Senior Dogs

6 Health Conditions That Affect Senior Dogs

As dogs grow older, they can be more at risk for developing certain diseases. It’s part and parcel of aging, after all! As a responsible pup parent, it is your job to be educated on the potential health issues your pooch could face.

Here are 6 health conditions that affect senior dogs.

1. Diabetes

Typically affecting pups between the ages of eight and nine, this hereditary condition happens the same way human diabetes happens; the pup can’t produce sufficient insulin to process glucose.

2. Arthritis

This condition forms due to joint inflammation, and it is commonly developed by humans, too. This illness slowly harms cartilage and leads to pain over most joints in the body.

3. Obesity

The older a dog gets, the less active they are, and this can lend itself to weight gain and, eventually, obesity. In order to prevent this, make sure you’re paying attention to your pup’s weight, and adjust their food intake as needed.

4. Kidney Disease

Kidneys are responsible for draining the body of toxins and waste. When their function is impaired, this waste can build up in the body and enter the bloodstream. Other issues, such as vessel ruptures and kidney stones, can also pose a threat.

5. Cancer

Sadly, cancer isn’t just something that humans need to deal with. Older pups are significantly more at risk for developing this condition. Growths and tumors can also be a problem, even when not cancerous.

6. Dental Disease

While not the most dangerous of diseases, dental problems can cause a lot of pain for senior pups. Plus, the damaged bacteria can find its way into the blood and cause infections.

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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