6 Hero Dogs Who Gave Hope To Other Species! (Part 1)

Dogs are heroes. That’s one thing the entire world knows – dogs like to save lives and make everyone happy!

When I look at my dog, I imagine what life would have been for him if he was a rescue dog. He is a rescue dog, a therapy dog, but only for me. But because he’s such a good boy, he brings happiness and therapeutic love to everyone around him. I guess dogs are born with the ability to give hope to others without discriminating. Here are some dogs who gave hope of life to other species!

1. Rex & Joey

Meet 10-year-old Pointer, Rex from Australia who was out on a walk with his dad, Allen. During his walk, Rex spotted a kangaroo car accident and immediately ran towards it. A few minutes later, he returned to Allen with something in his mouth – A tiny baby kangaroo! The poor joey who had just lost his mother got endless amounts of kisses from Rex and soon after he was sent to a nearby Wildlife Sanctuary!

2. Lisha & Hippopotamus

Meet Lisha, a Labrador from South Africa who was rescued and nurtured to health by her loving parents Nadine and Rob. Today, Lisha helps raise orphaned and abandoned animals who need some serious TLC. Take an example of this baby hippo who Lisha took care of like a mother!

3. Susie & Tabitha, the Piglet

When Wendy Valentine saved Tabitha the piglet who fell off a truck, Susie, her boxer immediately fell in love with her! While we’re not sure if Tabitha was born on the truck or just hours before boarding the truck, we do know that she joined Susie when she was a tiny baby! Susie treats Tabitha as her own sister and they’re completely inseparable!

Did this warm your heart? Do you know any other hero-dog stories? Let us know in the comments! Watch out for Part 2!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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