6 Things Only Lab Lovers Understand

6 Things Only Lab Lovers Understand

Labs are the #1 dog in the USA for good reason. They are awesome family dogs, come in a variety of beautiful colors, and are smart too! However, there are a few things that only true Labrador Retriever lovers understand about them.

6. Labs are natural born love bugs.

labrador retriever

You might find a lab playing dress up with the kids, cuddling on the couch (probably in your lap – they don’t know they aren’t lap dogs), or playing a nice vigorous game of fetch. No matter what they are doing, you can bet they are doing it with their favorite humans and loving every moment of it.

Also, have you ever seen a lab that didn’t just radiate joy? They are natural-born loves.

5. A lab’s stomach will never cease to amaze you.

labrador retriever toy

If you have a lab in your life, odds are you have seen them eat something they shouldn’t. Whether they are swiping food off your plate, chewing through their newest toy, or eating something else they shouldn’t (say goodbye to those nice new shoes you got), they somehow seem to have super-strong iron stomachs. They aren’t picky eaters either – they’ll take what they can get and enjoy every bite! Whatever they are eating, every lab lover knows you will never stop loving them.

4. Labs + Water = Inseparable

labrador retriever water

Just try keeping a lab away from water. I dare you. It can’t be done – and they don’t care how muddy, stinky, or gross that water is. If it’s wet, they need to be in it. I mean, it’s literally what they were made for, so who can blame them? It’s always a blast seeing how much fun they have anyway, so why stop them!

Pro tip: keep towels in your car. With a lab as your co-pilot, you never know when you will need to wipe down some muddy paws (not to mention the rest of them)!

3. An ideal day for a lab is doing anything with the people they love.

old labrador retriever

Literally anything. They are natural born athletes and always ready for a game of fetch, but what makes a lab happiest is just being with the people they adore. If you are settling in for a night of marathoning your favorite show, you can bet they will be right next to you. Going for a hike? They are game! Just going out for some ice cream? They’re already in the car waiting! Absolutely anything you could possibly do, you can bet your lab wants to be a part of it. They are probably the most loyal dogs ever.

2. You can never say “walk” unless you really mean it.

labrador retrieverAs silly and playful as labs are, this is one thing they take very seriously. Absolutely no joking about walks is permitted. If you say the magic word, you better be ready to go because you can bet they are already waiting at the door! Also, once they learn how to spell w-a-l-k, you will need to find new secret words to try to outsmart them, but nobody can ever really outsmart a lab.

It just adds to the fun!

1. Life with a lab is so much fuller than you could ever imagine.

labrador-puppy-672782_1920Remember what life was like before you had a lab to share it with? Me neither. Any dog is a commitment and lots of work, but labs also have this unbelievable way of making life so much more fun! They make it easy to forget about the “work” part. They seize every moment to play and enjoy the day to the fullest. And if they spot a ball? You can bet you are in for a game of fetch whether you know it or not! It’s like they have some deep understanding of what living is really about. We’re just along for the ride and wouldn’t have it any other way!

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