6 Things To Keep In Mind Before Dressing Up Your Pup... #6 Is Very Important

6 Things To Keep In Mind Before Dressing Up Your Pup... #6 Is Very Important

If you’re a pup parent, then you’ve probably tried – or at least thought about – dressing your pup up in clothes or a costume.

It’s a difficult urge to resist, especially when you see an outfit that your fur ball will just look so adorable in! With that being said, it might be difficult for pups to adjust to an extra coat of fabric, even if they really want to please you. Here are some tips you should follow when deciding to dress up your pup.

1. Start Small

It can be tempting to dress your pup up in something elaborate, but you should always start simple. Start with a t-shirt, bow-tie, or hat instead of a full-on costume to get your pup used to the feeling. Clothes can feel odd or sound strange to pups – they need to become accustomed to that!

2. Get Clothes That Fit

Pup clothes should fit your pup just right and be neither tight nor loose. This assures that he can still move normally. This applies to collars, too!

3. Preparation is Key

Don’t just bundle your pup straight into the clothing. Put out the clothes somewhere where he can see them a few days before he has to wear them. Once he seems okay with them, trying laying the clothes on his back for a few seconds to get him used to it. Give him treats or reward him with playtime when he reacts positively to the clothes.

4. Putting it On

So, your fur ball seems pretty okay with the clothes now. Once you dress him up, give him his favorite toy or let him try playing, chasing, or solving puzzles for his favorite treats. This will help him realize that the clothes don’t stop him from moving. Don’t forget to praise him a lot and give him plenty of pets!

5. Keep a Close Watch

Don’t leave your pup unattended if he’s wearing clothes. He might try to wiggle out of them and get stuck uncomfortable!

6. Keep an Eye Out for Stress

Your pup may love clothes, tolerate them, or really hate them! If your pup hates what you’ve put on him and tries to bite, paw, or get out of the clothes, the remove them. You can then try again with something simpler. Good luck!

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Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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