7 Easy And Effective Ways To Manage Your Dog's Allergies

7 Easy And Effective Ways To Manage Your Dog's Allergies

Approximately 1 in 5 Americans are allergic to dogs in some way, from minor issues to severe near-fatal threats. But there could actually be some things that you can do to keep these allergic reactions at bay.

In fact, your dog themselves may not be the primary cause of your woes! Here are 7 areas to consider so you can manage your allergies:

1. Remove Carpets

Allergens have a very easy time sticking to areas that are soft and difficult to clean. Stick to laminate flooring, hardwood, or tiles. You can also use blinds or shutters instead of curtains.

2. Grooming

Keeping your dog’s fur well-groomed can reduce allergy-related issues, as their fur will not collect dust, their skin will be cleansed of dirt and dead cells, and their dander will be brushed off.

3. Create A Dog-Free Zone

Restrict your canine companion’s access to certain areas of the house, especially your bedroom, if you have allergies to them. This will allow you to have allergy respite in certain rooms.

4. Potty Train

Dog urine can contain allergens, so potty training your dog can lower your exposure to them.

5. Vacuum Regularly

Make sure that you’re cleaning your house often. Use a HEPA-equipped vacuum cleaner to get rid of excess dirt, and wipe your surfaces down too.

6. Medication

Certain medication can lessen the severity of your allergic reactions. Talk to your doctor about options.

7. Bedding

Dogs sleep a lot, so make sure you keep their bedding clean so allergens don’t build up.

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