8 Dogs Who Overcame Their Injuries And Became Inspirations! (Part 2)

While all dogs are perfect in their own ways, the dogs featured in this article are truly something special. These dogs have overcome their injuries and are not letting anything get in their way of living life to the fullest. Be prepared to be inspired, people! Here’s Part 1, in case you missed it!

1. Billy

Meet 11-year-old Billy, an adorable pug who was unable to use his back legs after suffering from an incurable spine disease. But with the help of a doggie wheelchair, not only has he learned new tricks, but he’s also able to dog around like other dogs!

2. Peaches

This adorable dog flea-ridden and had a severely broken jaw when she was found. It took vets three hours to repair and wire her jaw. After her jaw healed, Peaches immediately began eating and started recovering like the star she is!

3. Hope

Hope was born without her front legs, but that didn’t stop her from moving about. She used to hop around to get places, but experts worried that hopping too much could damage her bones and put extra stress on her spine. So she was fitted with a special device designed with prosthetic arms and a chest plate to make sure the device stays in place. It took her a few weeks to master the device and now you can’t tell the difference between Hope and other dogs!

4. Kilo

Kilo was shot with a bullet to the head by a robber who was about to rob his house. Apparently, the robber posed as a delivery man and used that to rob Kilo’s house when the poor dog was shot after he came to rescue his parent. Kilo was immediately rushed to the hospital and to everyone’s surprise, an x-ray revealed that the bullet entered his head, bounced off his skull and exited without causing any serious brain damage. He was able to return home with his parent!

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Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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