8 Foods That Are Extremely Dangerous For Your Pups

8 Foods That Are Extremely Dangerous For Your Pups

We all know pooches love their snacks, but when it comes to human food, we have to be really careful what we feed them! Not all food is acceptable to dog bellies – here’s a comprehensive list of what to avoid.

First off, raw meat can actually be very bad for your pooch, as it can contain E.coli or salmonella and those are harmful to both people and dogs.


Grapes and all grape-like products such as raisins and currants are also banned! Although very good for people, they can cause kidney failure in dogs.


Fried and fatty foods are bad in excess for us but they’re even worse for dogs though, as they can cause pancreatitis!


Keep moldy food away from your dog too. You wouldn’t feed it to your child, so why give it to your dog? Moldy food belongs in the rubbish.


Onions, garlic and chives can be very harmful to both dogs and cats.


Overly salted snacks, such as potato chips and pretzels, are okay in moderation, but if you give more of them, they will make your dog sick. If you give any at all, make sure there’s fresh water nearby, too.


Macadamia nuts are also very bad for puppies.


Finally, a substance called xylitol, used as an artificial sweetener in gum and candies, can be potentially deadly for dogs. It’s even in some peanut butter!


Keep an eye on what your pooch eats, as you might be saving their life! Share this with your friends to raise awareness.

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