8 Things To Avoid Doing At The Dog Part (Part 2)

Dog parks are fun places to hang out whether you have a dog or not. It helps you connect with yourself, and your dog, if you have on, or your future dog, if you’re going to get one. Having said that, here are some things you should avoid doing at the dog park! Here’s Part 1, in case you missed it!

1. Don’t browse your phones

While your dog might be the most well-behaved dog on the planet, it only takes them a second to turn the tables. If you’re busy browsing your phone, you won’t know what your dog is up to or if he’s about to get into some serious trouble. So keep your phones in your pocket and only take them out if you need to make or attend to calls.

2. Don’t bring your dog’s favorite toys

Your dog might share toys and beds with you, but they won’t be very happy to share their favorite toys with other dogs they just met at the dog park. Things can quickly get aggressive if another dog won’t let go of your dog’s favorite toy so your best bet is to leave his toys at home and just bring simple things he can play with and won’t mind sharing with other dogs at the dog park.

3. Don’t bring tons of food

Dogs can smell food. You don’t even need to tell them what the food is because it’s already tasty and they want it. If you have to bring food or dog treats, make sure they’re safely secured otherwise all dogs at the dog park will be swarming you!

4. Don’t leash them

If you trust that your dog won’t just disappear, don’t leash them at the dog park and allow them to run free. Leashes can sometimes get tangled, pulled on or stuck which would hurt your dog. Also, some dogs get nervous when they’re restrained, so let that pup roam free, but keep a close eye on them!

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Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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