8 Ways To Prepare Yourself Emotionally Before Saying Goodbye To Your Beloved Dog

8 Ways To Prepare Yourself Emotionally Before Saying Goodbye To Your Beloved Dog

It is never easy to say goodbye to a dog. But if you prepare yourself, your home, and your dog, things can go more smoothly and help with the grieving process. Here’s how to do so.

Home Changes

As an illness worsens, a dog will spend more time resting and sleeping. They will also likely need more help to get places, or even need specialized products like orthopedic beds. Make your home comfortable and accessible to them.

Absorbent Pads

Incontinence is common among older or ill dogs. Get some absorbent pads and place them in strategic indoor locations so your dog can use them.


Caring for a sick dog can drain a wallet quickly. Prepare yourself for additional costs, discuss policies with a vet, and find some insurance options.


Sick or old dogs tend to have slower metabolisms, and some have lower tolerance to unusual foods. Make the necessary dietary changes.

Make It Count

There may not be much time left, but you can make every second count. Take photos, treat your dog to special foods and trips, and make it memorable.

Know When To Let Go

There will come a time when you must say goodbye to your dog. Arranging for euthanasia can help your dog say goodbye to life peacefully and happily.


Find ways to remember your dog. You can give them a burial service, have them cremated, or even create a memento from their pawprint or photo.

Let Yourself Grieve

Grieving when you lose a beloved dog is natural. Give yourself the time and space to heal.

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