88 Year Old German Shepherd Still Thinks She's A Puppy!

88 Year Old German Shepherd Still Thinks She's A Puppy!

Meet Daisy, an adorable 88 years old German shepherd pup who still thinks that she’s a puppy! Yes she is 88 in human years, this fur ball is an epic 14 years old!

Daisy might be 14 years old, but when its time to play, age is just a number, a state of mind and this is exactly what she’s conveying to the world. We humans, when we grow old we tend to think that we can no longer do what we used to do, well Daisy thinks otherwise.

Although she isn’t as active as a puppy, but the mere feeling of watching her play even at that age is nothing but inspiring. But here’s when their health becomes a little complicated. According to Vets Street, “Just as with people, regular health checkups become increasingly important as dogs grow older. Most experts agree that senior dogs should be seen at least once every six months.”

“The purpose of these wellness exams is to do three things: promote your dog’s health and longevity, recognize and control your pup’s health risks and detect any illnesses at their earliest stages, which may improve treatment options.” So always remember to take your fur ball to their regular vet visits. Take a look at Daisy and don’t forget to like and share this post with your friends!

Feature Image Source: Christopher Lingerfelt

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