A Heartwarming Tale of the Dog with the ‘Unadoptable’ Smile

A Heartwarming Tale of the Dog with the ‘Unadoptable’ Smile

Whilst paying a visit to a local shelter, a dog caught Dustin Kelley’s eye. Zeus, a golden retriever was cowering at the corner of his cage with his head down.

Kelley was moved, when he was informed that Zeus was scheduled to be put to sleep due to overcrowding. In addition, the dog was considered ‘unadoptable’, as he was prone to bearing his teeth. Although he was not on the lookout for a dog, Kelley brushed aside his misgivings and decided to save Zeus’s life by giving him a home.

The first sight of Zeus’s smile gave him a jolt:

“Not going to lie, it definitely freaked me out a bit at first.”

In addition, for several months the dog did not wag its tail, and there were no smiles; it did not show any signs of brightening up.

However, with time, Zeus began to feel secure, and he began to trust Kelley. And the smile came back, full of meaning. Kelly realized that the smile was a sign of excitement. Zeus bares his teeth because he is excited, not because he is mad. Through his smile, his unique personality was able to shine through. This wonderful smile draws people to Zeus and they shower him with love and affection.

Kelly does not regret taking him home and has been grateful to have Zeus by his side during difficult times in his life. He says:

“I might have adopted him, but he definitely rescued me.”

Images & Feature Image Source: Dustin Kelley

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