A Soon As They Brought This English Bulldog To The Day Care...OMG!

A Soon As They Brought This English Bulldog To The Day Care...OMG!

As soon as this adorable English bulldog was brought to this day care, everyone were amazed at how he expressed his happiness! After watching this video, you can tell how excited he is to be here! Take a look!

This adorable fur ball is enjoying his time at the day care, for sure! As soon as he arrived at the day care, he started doing fun happy tumbles! According to the original uploader on YouTube, “This English Bulldog loves daycare so much that he celebrates by tumbling on his back!” Yep looks like it! Talking about day cares, is it safe for your fur ball?

According to WebMD, “You need to really check with the individual facility. Do they do a screening process? Do they have proper supervision and staff on the floor at all times, and the dogs are never left unattended. How well is the staff educated? Do they have security measures like double gates to outside entrances, no electric cords in play areas and safe, non-skid surfaces in the play areas? Do they have emergency procedures in place and what are they?” Answer all these questions before sending your fur ball to day care. Now take a look at this fur ball tumbling on page 2 below!

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Feature Image Source: Woofur Dog & Cat Services

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