A Story Of Selflessness: A Young Girl Walks Through Snow To Get Aid For Her Sick Dog

A Story Of Selflessness: A Young Girl Walks Through Snow To Get Aid For Her Sick Dog

A small village in Turkey was covered in a thick blanket of snow however, that didn’t stop local veterinarian Ogün Öztürk from heading over to attend to a cow.

The visit was mostly routine as the cow belonged to a regular client of his, but what happened after this prompted him to stay in the village despite the chilling weather. With his hair lightly dusted with snow Öztürk was finishing up his job and making his way out of the village, that was when a distant figure emerging from the far snow caught his attention. Trekking from afar was a little girl with a little dog on her back, she heard the news of a vet coming to the village and couldn’t waste the opportunity.

The young girl is Cemre Su Türköz; is an 8 year old who carried her adorable Jack Russell Pamuk over a mile from home through the snow. The little pup was sick and the sight of the two immediately grabbed at Öztürk’s heartstrings, he helped them on the spot. Thankfully, Pamuk’s condition was nothing serious, just a minor skin issue that was quickly remedied with an external parasite medicine applied by Öztürk himself.

Cemre looked on with joy to see her dog being relieved of his discomfort and happy again. Interestingly, the story doesn’t end there; following their unique interaction, Öztürk has returned to the village to give Pamuk regular checkups so that he and Cemre won’t have to trough through the dense snow again.

Seeing Cemre’s compassion and love for her dog in her willingness to face the rigid snow is something Öztürk will never forget.

Images Credit: Ogün Öztürk

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