This Adorable Beagle Just Discovered His Inner Sled Dog!

This Adorable Beagle Just Discovered His Inner Sled Dog!

Most beagles I’ve known like to play in the snow a bit but then it’s straight to snoozing in front of the fireplace afterwards. Well, not this beagle!

He is so full of energy and in love with the snow that he has just discovered his inner sled dog!

He’s out for a day of fun in the snow with his mom and dad, rolling around in the snow, running, and most of all, pulling the sled like a true sled dog! Usually you see huskies doing this type of work, but it seems this beagle is up for the challenge and he does a great job at it too! Maybe he has a future in sled pulling?

His parents reported they pulled him on the sled too, but he seemed to really love running as fast as he could, pulling the sled behind him! They said, “We had some really great snow in the last days and decided to go and have some fun with our beagle dog. Indeed we had a great time…In the end we decided all of us to have some useful time, he helped us pulling the sled downhill, this way we had a bigger speed(+ our hand-made sled is very fast and easy to pull) and our dog was happy doing that and did not use a lot of force to pull it.”

This is so cute to see how excited he looks! He is loving every minute of his sled dog life! See his adorable video on page 2!

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Watch the video below to see the beagle pulling his human in the snow! This is so cute!

Feature Image Source: McFunBoy

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