Adorable Dachshund Pup Celebrates His Birthday With A Whipped Cream Cake!

Adorable Dachshund Pup Celebrates His Birthday With A Whipped Cream Cake!

Today is this adorable dachshund pup’s birthday, so what better way than to celebrate with a whipped cream cake?! That’s exactly what this fur ball got to enjoy on his very special day!

It is this fur ball’s third birthday and looks like he’s having a blast! With a special whipped cream cake on the table, this fur ball even dressed up to celebrate his birthday! Talking about whipped cream, is it good for your fur ball? Before I answer that question, let me remind you that before feeding anything to your fur ball, please always consult your vet for the right advice. Coming back to whipped cream…

According to AboutDoggies, “The main problem with giving your dog whipped cream is that whipped cream is a dairy product, and most adult dogs are lactose intolerant. On top of that, whipped cream is around 70% saturated fat and usually contains high amounts of sugar as well.”

“It would be far from healthy for your dog to eat whipped cream or anything else that contains high amounts of saturated fat and sugar. In conclusion, as most adult dogs cannot break down lactose, and whipped cream contains an unhealthy amount of saturated fat and sugar, dogs should not be allowed to eat whipped cream.” I guess once a year wouldn’t hurt, would it? Take a look at this fur ball enjoying his cake on page 2 below!

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Feature Image Source: Isabelle Don Griot

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