Adorable Dachshund Mix Doesn't Like The Rooster!

Adorable Dachshund Mix Doesn't Like The Rooster!

Everyone meet Flash, an adorable dachshund mix who absolutely doesn’t like the rooster. Why? He’s making tons and tons of noise in the morning and today the rooster woke him up! His reaction? Classic!

Roosters, I don’t know if anyone but farmers like them, honestly. This dachshund mix is not the only one who doesn’t like the rooster that’s hanging about near their home! Why? Well, you see today was the day Flash and his mommy were going to check out the first snow of the season.

But what’s this? Instead of basking in the glory of the first snow, the rooster just wanted to get on the poor pup’s nerves! Yep looks like Flash isn’t happy and he kept barking, but it’s his reaction that you’ve got to see on page 2 below!

Page 2 Here!

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Flash doesn't like the rooster

Feature Image Source: Flickr

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